In November Zita & Daniel were fortunate to attend the Business Women Excellence Awards, held at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. This was following nominations for the company and Zita in Sussex Business of the Year and the Red Brick Award, respectively.

The awards are a podium offering many ways in which to celebrate the South East’s female talent pool across all industries and all levels, from established female entrepreneurs to regions rising stars. These awards recognise and promote achievement of women in business in all sectors. The business world is full of talented and dedicated business women, many of whom not only run successful businesses and many do so while still juggling the needs of their families.

The Business Women Excellence Awards are the creation of Faiza Shafeek, the Managing Director of Carrot Events, an entrepreneur who has a huge and insatiable passion for business and for promoting women in all forms of business. She wants to give all women a chance of receiving recognition for their hard work and achievements and believes that the accolade endorsing one’s achievements.

Faiza believes that more and more women are climbing through the ranks of the corporate world and more female entrepreneurs are being recognised. It is an amazing time to be a woman and of course we have our very own amazing woman in Zita!