July saw James celebrate his first year’s work anniversary with Ginger & Sanders. James was new to property sales and lettings a year ago, however, had a number of transferable skills by completing a Master’s degree in languages helped by experience in property renovations with his family in France.

He has constantly developed various experiences to develop his skills in lettings whilst also gaining knowledge in sales. He is not only getting to know our clients and learning how to use our digital systems, he is also solving problems and has become a value member of the G&S team. Once he has gained two years’ experience within the property industry, he will be looking to take the relevant exams to qualify as an Associate Member of RICS.

His love of French foods and expensive red wine has become a bit of a running joke that the rest of the office have been led astray by these wicked ways and lost our toned physiques – of course this isn’t true, however, we like to blame him!

James has a passion for property and architecture and you may meet him as he enjoys mingling with other business professionals at networking events!

We look forward to assisting James with his career in the  property sector.